30 Jun 2015

Curls Worth Idolizing

“Hey Freddie!” It was ‘70s day at my high school more than 20 years ago, and in tribute to those glory days of bellbottoms
23 Jun 2015

Dramatic Kinky Makeover

Ashaya has extremely tight kinky hair. She has long curly hair that can seemingly take forever to grow since her shrinkage is very significant.
16 Jun 2015

Fabulous Guide to Camping with Curls

Nothing says summer more than a weekend with Mother Nature in the great outdoors. While normally Mother Nature and I aren’t the best of
9 Jun 2015

Go Vintage with 1940s Hairstyle

In the 1940’s, it seemed like everything was happening. Women entered the workforce in place of men off to war. World War II meant
2 Jun 2015

Quick Morning Curls

“OMG give me your hair! Can I touch it? If I had your hair, I’d leave it out all the time” For the majority
26 May 2015

Detangling Children’s Hair

When I was little, HAIR was a four letter word. I couldn’t get past how it never looked right or reflected how I felt,
19 May 2015

Life without My Curls

Sometimes, I imagine my hair having its own personality and voice named Courtney. Courtney is sassy, witty and a little bossy. I imagine her
12 May 2015

5 Reasons Why Men Should Embrace Their Natural Curls

Women aren’t the only ones who don’t embrace their curls. Men are often left thinking that their curls just aren’t what they want resting
1 May 2015

Beach Curls Makeover

Liz has fine hair that forms into a loose curl. The more work she puts into styling her hair, the more of a curl
21 Apr 2015

DIY Summer Colouring

The spring season offers fresh starts and the opportunity to try something new! New clothes, new shoes, new hairstyles… maybe even a new hair