21 Apr 2015

DIY Summer Colouring

The spring season offers fresh starts and the opportunity to try something new! New clothes, new shoes, new hairstyles… maybe even a new hair
14 Apr 2015

1920’s Hairstyle with a Modern Twist

You’re at a party. It’s close to midnight and the jazz band is still blasting with the crowds still buzzing. You’re dressed to the
8 Apr 2015

Spring Curls Contest

Shake out those winter curls and show off your fabulous spring curly hairstyle! Between April 8th and 29th submit a photo of you and
26 Mar 2015

Me My Girls & Our Natural Curls Group

Curly Hair Solutions™ is very much looking forward to participating in Me My Girls & Our Natural Curls “Tia’s 10k Giveaway” starting on March
24 Mar 2015

Textured Hairstyles

Textured kinky curls are versatile and the styling options are endless! The use of low manipulation hairstyles such as twist outs and bantu knot
17 Mar 2015

Years of Curly Hairstyles

Hair defines who we are by showing how we want to look. However, these days curly hair may come off as over-fashioned and not
12 Mar 2015

Miss Born Natural Beauty Pageant

Curly Hair Solutions™ is excited to be supporting this year’s Miss Born Natural Beauty Pageant taking place March 14th in Mooresville, North Carolina. We
10 Mar 2015

The Verdict on the Loose Curl Kit

I’ve been searching for a new regimen for ages, especially since changing my hair. It went from long curly hair and brown to a
5 Mar 2015

RISE Empowerment Tour

Curly Hair Solutions™ is happy to announce that Alikay Natural & Nstitute presentation of RISE Empowerment Tour will be sponsoring and sampling our newest
3 Mar 2015

Traveling with Curly Hair

While I love to explore new places, my hair has a travel phobia – and with good reason. When I look back at photos