16 Dec 2014

Sharing the Curl Love

We love hearing reviews from curlies around the world. So, when we found a few curlies who could not get enough of Curly Hair
9 Dec 2014

Tips for Aspiring Hairstylists

Are you wondering how you could get even closer to your dream career of becoming a Curly Hair Stylist? We have you covered! I
2 Dec 2014


Recently I decided to be adventurous and try out the idea of a hair mask. It initially peaked my interest because so many curlies
25 Nov 2014

The Creation of Curl Keeper

Curly Hair Solutions recently launched a Styling Collection under the new Curl Keeper brand. The new styling collection is based on the award-winning Curl
18 Nov 2014

Tight Curl Transforming Makeover

There are a wide range of different types of tight curlies out there but ultimately they all can use these simple styling tips and
11 Nov 2014

7 Ways to Care for Winter Curls

Time to take some notes curlies it’s that time of year again! As the cooler temperatures move in, our battle against humidity and mega
4 Nov 2014

Water, a curls best friend

Water check-in: How many cups of water have you drank today? Essentially we are water. About 60-80% of our body is composed of water.
21 Oct 2014

Curly Hair Sins

While ghosts and goblins are pretty scary, the only thing haunting me this Halloween, will be these curly hair crimes. Curly girls beware: don’t
14 Oct 2014

Four Styles to Embrace Shrinkage

Some like it short, and some like it long – the choice is yours. But for those who prefer short curly hairstyles or shrinkage
7 Oct 2014

Dramatic Chop for a Cause

The seeds of change take quite a long time to harvest. It takes huge courage for anyone to make changes in their life and