21 Apr 2017

Silicone is a “Sili-Don’t” for Curly Hair

While we always suggest that you order your products from a curly hair specialist, we also understand that for some, that may not be
5 Apr 2017

Embrace Your Child’s Curls

Let’s face it: It’s not always easy being a kid with curls. Since many children have yet to master the art of tact, they
28 Mar 2017

Let Your Curly Hair “Spring” to Life

Springtime is a time of rebirth. Flowers and trees start to bloom, animals come out of hibernation – and your hair seems to adopt
21 Mar 2017

The Curly-Hair Main Event: You vs. Frizz

Women with naturally curly or wavy hair are always battling frizz. It seems that even if you manage to win one day, the frizz
16 Mar 2017

Seasonal Styling for all Curl Types

March is the time of year where change happens all around us. Seasonal change not only effects curly hair but affects all hair types
13 Feb 2017

Six ways to love your curls this Valentine’s Day

Are you looking forward to a nice candle lit dinner with balloons, and some romantic grand gesture from your lover this Valentine’s Day? Or
6 Feb 2017

The History of Black Hairstyles

Black hair, and the ways to style it, both have a long history that reflects the tangled dynamics of politics and personal identity. Even
23 Jan 2017

Shine in the Winter Months

The coming of the winter months means the arrival of bitter cold, sub-zero wind chills, snow, and of course, dull hair. For curlies in
17 Jan 2017

Winter Hat Hazards

The most frustrating thing that people with curly hair experience is that once you put on a hat, helmet, hair band or any other
11 Jan 2017

Winterize Your Curls

In the cold winter months it is common for curly hair to become dry and brittle. This is not caused by the actual weather