28 Jul 2015

5 Reasons Why I Love Curl Keeper Original

When you’ve lived your life with naturally curly hair, you have to accept a few things. You’re going to find your hair all over
21 Jul 2015

10 Secrets you Need to Know when Straightening your Curls

With curly hair being so versatile, occasionally some curlies enjoy switching up styles and safely going from curly to straight with ease. But with
16 Jul 2015

Miss Black Orlando Beauty Pageant

The Miss Black USA Pageant was started to provide educational opportunities to outstanding young women of color, and to develop the “whole woman mind,
14 Jul 2015

Are you over conditioning your curls?

True or false: Curly hair can never be over conditioned. If you’re new to the naturally curly world, you were probably taught that “conditioner
6 Jul 2015

Freestyle Your Lifestyle Sweepstakes

We want to give you naturally curly beauties the chance to Freestyle Your Lifestyle! Enter for a chance to WIN a $200 Beauty Beach
30 Jun 2015

Curls Worth Idolizing

“Hey Freddie!” It was ‘70s day at my high school more than 20 years ago, and in tribute to those glory days of bellbottoms
23 Jun 2015

Dramatic Kinky Makeover

Ashaya has extremely tight kinky hair. She has long curly hair that can seemingly take forever to grow since her shrinkage is very significant.
16 Jun 2015

Fabulous Guide to Camping with Curls

Nothing says summer more than a weekend with Mother Nature in the great outdoors. While normally Mother Nature and I aren’t the best of
9 Jun 2015

Go Vintage with 1940s Hairstyle

In the 1940’s, it seemed like everything was happening. Women entered the workforce in place of men off to war. World War II meant
2 Jun 2015

Quick Morning Curls

“OMG give me your hair! Can I touch it? If I had your hair, I’d leave it out all the time” For the majority