29 Jul 2014

Tips for Caring for Fine Curls

As curly girls, we all know that our hair needs extra love and care. So we’re all mindful of the products we buy and
22 Jul 2014

Curl Confessions 2 – #4 Curl Stylist Lori

Welcome back to Curl Confessions on Gossip Curls! Today’s episode is fantastic, as curly hair expert Lorri from the Curly Hair Institute. With her
15 Jul 2014

The Men Behind the Curls

We curly ladies aren’t the only ones who face unexpected challenges related to our natural hair. Our partners also find themselves in unfamiliar and
8 Jul 2014

Three Ways to Battle Shrinkage

Every naturally curly girl who’s worked hard to retain length knows that the shrinkage struggle is real! We can straighten our hair down to
24 Jun 2014

How to Choose Your Curl Colour

To choose what hair colour works well for your curls is an art in itself. We, at the Curly Hair Institute, tend to stay
17 Jun 2014

Gossip Curls Highlights One Year Anniversary

Gossip Curls blog has been a huge success, thanks to our fantastic curly followers. In honour of our One Year Anniversary of Gossip Curls
10 Jun 2014

Curl Confessions 2 – #3 Curl Stylist Jonathan

Gossip Curls is bringing you the best of the best in this Curl Confessions video with Jonathan Torch founder of the Curly Hair Institute
3 Jun 2014

Q&A with Curl Stylist Nicky

Greetings gossip lovers! We have a treat for you today as we get to sit down and have a great one on one chat
27 May 2014

Taking the Wash-N-Go up a Notch with
the Tight Curl Kit

Warmer temperatures bring family BBQ’s, beachside vacations, and outdoor parties. Having all that fun in the heat and humidity can also bring a hair
21 May 2014

Curl Confessions 2 – #2 Curl Stylist Nicky

Welcome back to our newest Gossip Curls series Curl Confessions! I was very excited to have our expert curly hair stylist from the Curly