21 Oct 2014

Curly Hair Sins

While ghosts and goblins are pretty scary, the only thing haunting me this Halloween, will be these curly hair crimes. Curly girls beware: don’t
14 Oct 2014

Four Styles to Embrace Shrinkage

Some like it short, and some like it long – the choice is yours. But for those who prefer short curly hairstyles or shrinkage
7 Oct 2014

Dramatic Chop for a Cause

The seeds of change take quite a long time to harvest. It takes huge courage for anyone to make changes in their life and
30 Sep 2014

The Extenzz Experience Survey

Thanks for joining us curlies, we have an amazing opportunity here that warrants your input and will benefit you greatly for doing so! We
23 Sep 2014

Curl Confessions 2 – #6 Curl Stylist Nezia

Welcome back to our sixth episode, which is also our last video of our Curl Confessions Second Series but luckily we saved the best
16 Sep 2014

Curl Keeper Hairstyle Collection

FREDAU – LOOSE CURL Fredau has loose curls with a deep “S” formation that has the ability to really transform into perfectly defined ringlets.
9 Sep 2014

New Curl Keeper Styling Collection

Are you in need of a style upgrade? You can now freestyle your lifestyle using the New Curl Keeper™ Styling Collection. Offering curlies a
2 Sep 2014

Q&A with Curl Stylist Romina

I am so happy to have sat down with the newest member of the team of expert stylists at the Curly Hair Institute, Romina
26 Aug 2014

A Curly Hair Institute Experience

The last time I visited a salon was to do the “big chop” in 2010, so needless to say I was quite anxious about
19 Aug 2014

Curl Confessions 2 – #5 Curl Stylist Romina

Welcome back to our fifth episode of Curl Confessions where you ask the questions and our curly hair experts answer them! Romina is one