3 May 2016

What I Learnt from My Mom about my Curls

It’s true what they say: mothers really do know best. Sure, you may have fought her over dyeing your hair or getting that emo
26 Apr 2016

Bad Hair Day Tricks and Tips

Sometimes, you have those days when the world is working against you. And when I say world, I really mean your hair. I can
19 Apr 2016

Spring Cleaning for Your Curls

During the last few months, we know the most important thing we did to protect our curls from the stresses of indoor heating and
12 Apr 2016

Everything You Need to Know about Cutting Curly Hair

Master of curls and curly hair pioneer, Jonathan Torch launches his revolutionary curl cutting technique, The Tunnel Cut. Jonathan Torch has worked extensively for
5 Apr 2016

Curl Keeper Creator Tells All

We all know Jonathan Torch as the curly hair expert, and the person who developed the product that we know and love but there
29 Mar 2016


The weather is changing and it’s time to freshen up your style! Whether you are going to party or celebrating the beauty of you,
15 Mar 2016

Top 5 Curl Mysteries Solved

We had curlies submit a few curl problems that they face on a daily basis. Here is what curl expert and master of curls,
8 Mar 2016

Natural Hair Journey: From Straight to Curly

My name is Ashley, and I was a Serial-Straightener. Well I was at least. I, like many Serial-Straighteners, didn’t see any value in my
1 Mar 2016

New Colour Trends of 2016

For people who love fun colour trends, say hello to 2016. Last year may have been an adventure into pastels, but if you’re thinking
23 Feb 2016

Create Smooth and Frizz-Free Curls

Who wants a cocktail?! I mean, who doesn’t love a good, well-mixed cocktail that just does what it’s supposed to do- make you happy.