24 Nov 2015

Scalp Care for the Winter

Winter time for someone with curly hair can be a double edged sword: we no longer experience the heat and humidity that gets our
17 Nov 2015

How to get your hair to ReMane Straight

The idea of blow-drying my hair has always scared me a little bit. A combination of the smell of my hair burning and sounds
10 Nov 2015

Long Term Hair Growth Plan

Jonathan Torch has seen quite a few curly clients transition from the results of previous hair styles into newer ones, and he’s seen some
3 Nov 2015

Tips on Re-Colouring your hair

You’ve dyed your hair, but you are ready to switch to a new colour. Switching hair colour isn’t like switching your outfits; done incorrectly;
27 Oct 2015

Curl Keeper How To For Tight Curls

When I wake up with a bedhead full of dry curls, the Curl Keeper Original is my saving grace. My curl patterns falls between
20 Oct 2015

How to Protect Your Natural Hair from Weaves and Extensions

As much as I love my curls, I wouldn’t mind sporting a straighter style sometimes. A bone-straight sleek ‘do I could keep for longer
13 Oct 2015

Signs of Product Build-Up And How To Remove It

It’s an awesome feeling to have your curly hair care routine down pat, and have the feeling that you finally have your curls under
5 Oct 2015

Sulfate-Free Shampoo for All Curls

For most curlies, we are on a constant hunt to find a product that will end our search and provide our curls with everything
1 Oct 2015

Donate Your Locks

Hair is such a huge part of our personality and lives, but sometimes we forget how important it can be to other people as
22 Sep 2015

Things to Know Before You Colour Your Curls

As versatile as curly hair is, sometimes we curlies get bored with our hair. There’s no better way to switch styles then with a