15 Apr 2014

Curl Trends: 90’s to Now

I remember being a kid in the 90’s and while watching some of my favorite shows like Saved by the Bell, The Cosby Show
8 Apr 2014

Q&A with Curl Stylist Hiwot

When she first started working with Jonathan Torch at the Curly Hair Institute 16 years ago, Hiwot had (gasp!) straight hair! Of course now
1 Apr 2014

5 Must Have Curly Accessories

Sometimes I feel like our straight hair counterparts have it easy compared to us curly gals. When it comes to straight hair, accessories like
25 Mar 2014

Gray, gray, go away?

On casual Fridays and laid-back weekends, I often forgo my wash-‘n’-go for a quick-and-easy pony puff. Just pull my hair through a satin scrunchie
18 Mar 2014

The Illusion behind Colouring Curls

Written by Master of Curls, Jonathan Torch It took me several years to establish multiple ways to achieve hair colours that would work for
11 Mar 2014

Powerful Effects of Curl Energizers

Recently we’ve heard from several people that are using RevUp! Volumizing System and have gotten great results! A few have mentioned that it feels
3 Mar 2014

My Curl Confession Instagram Contest

We are asking women and men with curly hair to snap a picture of themselves along with their Curl Confession— anything from salon styling
25 Feb 2014

Short Curl Makeover by Jonathan Torch

To understand different curl patterns, types, textures and lengths, you need different tools, products and overall understanding of how each and every curl is,
18 Feb 2014

RevUp! Review

We always get so excited when we receive product reviews from well to do bloggers who had a great experience with Curly Hair Solutions
10 Feb 2014

Q&A with Curl Stylist Ely

Hey Curlfriends! I have Ely Guspie from the Curly Hair Institute in Toronto Canada here with me today… and we are all about the