22 Nov 2016

4 Holiday Dinner Curly Hairstyles

If you have been invited to the Holiday dinner party of the year, or even to your grandma’s house if things are a bit
15 Nov 2016

Ultimate Pre-Holiday Curly Hair Timetable

One minute I was wistfully cruising through my favourite department store, gleefully piling my cart high with crop tops, flips flops and strapless rompers.
8 Nov 2016

4 Beauty & Grooming Apps That You’ll Love

These days, there’s an app for just about everything. Countless mobile apps can do anything today, from organizing recipes to monitoring sleep patterns. In
1 Nov 2016

How to Beat That Awkward Hair Phase

Ah, the awkward phase. For those of us who decide to grow out our hair, (or for those of us decided to skip our
25 Oct 2016

Hair Trends for Fall And Winter

Both Fall and Winter are seasons for new hair opportunities and interesting trends. From a wild contrasting color palette, to a renewal and reimagining
18 Oct 2016

Seasonal Maintenance for Loose Curls – A Review

While there are plenty of women out there who have been blessed with curly hair, we also all know the struggles that we face
11 Oct 2016

Three Trendy Short Haircuts For Curly Hair

Alright fellow ladies of curl, let’s tackle this huge topic head-on. Many women with curly hair feel as though they have to wear their
4 Oct 2016

How To Style Your Curly Hair Like A Pro

Maybe she’s born with naturally beautiful and perfect curls, or maybe she’s just figured out how to live and work with what she has.
26 Sep 2016

5 Bad Habits All Curlies Need to Break

As girls with curly hair, we are used to lists upon lists of do’s and don’ts: we’re told about things to avoid and things
20 Sep 2016

Two Sisters Take On The Medium Curl Starter Kit

When it comes to gorgeous curls, maybe she’s born with it, or maybe she just has a really great curl kit. Curl kits are